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Our Team

The Most Driven, Talented, and Fun People You'll Ever Meet.

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Peeyush manages company/product vision, grows the Genetesis team accordingly, and engages resources to help build the next generation of noninvasive imaging. Peeyush is also a Quiplash master and astrophysics enthusiast.

Peeyush Shrivastava
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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Vineet handles many odds and ends of the business, from supply chain management to hardware engineering to regulatory and quality affairs. Vineet is also the reigning team trivia expert.

Vineet Erasala
Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer
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Manny manages sustained and new product development at Genetesis, working together with many engineering disciplines to deliver the highest quality products. He previously attended The Ohio State University, where he studied Computer Science and Engineering and Economics.

Manny Setegn
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
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Chandan is responsible for managing, implementing and evaluating the fiscal performance of the company and strategic planning. Chandan holds an MBA in finance and has previously worked at GE, Honda Motors, and Shell Petroleum in both engineering and management roles.

Chandan Srivastava, MBA
Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer
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Dr. Niksch is a trained pediatric cardiac electrophysiologist who has been a consultant and author in the medical device and digital health sectors. She has experience in the clinical research and product development of technology platforms which interface with both clinicians and patients.

Alisa Niksch, MD
Chief Medical Officer
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Rick leads commercialization, product marketing and business development. Rick holds an MBA from The Ohio State University and led multiple medical device development and product launches and has worked for NCR, Microsoft, Vertebration, PercuVision, and Alphatec Spine in a variety of marketing, program management and leadership roles.

Rick Karr
Vice President, Commercialization
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Jeff is responsible for leading the reimbursement and payor development strategy. Jeff holds certificate in cytotechnology and an MBA. He has worked for CYIYC, Assurex, Becton Dickinson.

Jeff Bush, CT (ASCP), MBA
Vice President, Health Economics and Market Access
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Robert Sokolowski, PhD
Vice President, Clinical Quality and Regulatory
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Jon is responsible for leading the team's new product development and fast-paced hardware projects. Outside of work Jon manages a popular hangout called Jon’s Place in Oakely.

Jon Von Stein
Lead Design Engineer
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Ben handles medical imaging research at Genetesis, software development for data analysis pipelines, and feature engineering for machine learning models. Ben is also our resident board game champion.

Ben Moore
Software Engineer
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Tati is responsible for the design, iteration, and prototyping of the physical device in collaboration with other design engineers. Tati is the founding member of the Genetesis Engineering Honorary Alpha Beta Nug.

Tati Sedlak
Design Engineer
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Raj leads the AI and deep learning research at Genetesis and is responsible for developing machine learning algorithms for detecting heart abnormalities. Raj holds the distinguished title of Table Tennis Master at Genetesis.

Raj Muchhala
Machine Learning Engineer
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Austin develops the CardioFlux software and works on data pre-processing and feature engineering for machine learning models. Austin is a multiple-time Fantasy Football champion and aspires to one day become Assistant Regional Manager.

Austin Jordan
Software Engineer