Advanced Imaging Solution: CardioFlux

CardioFlux Magnetocardiograph at an angle with the bed of the machine ejected.

About CardioFlux

The CardioFlux Magnetocardiograph™ is a non-invasive biomagnetic measurement tool intended to detect and record the magnetic fields that are naturally generated by the electrical activity of the heart. Our advanced imaging device is comprised of a magnetic shield and an array of 36 magnetic sensors to isolate and measure the heart’s magnetic field. Scanning requires no patient contact, exposure to radiation, or exercise.

Graphic illutration of the advanced imaging process that can be expected when getting a CardioFlux scan.

Rapid Results

CardioFlux™ only needs 90 seconds to capture the necessary biomagnetic data. As soon as a successful scan is complete, it is immediately processed to generate a magnetic field map. Results will appear in our online portal for physician review within minutes after the scan is complete. This process can take an estimated 5 minutes for each patient.

3D model of a bright red heart inside of a translucent blue body with arteries connecting to the heart.

Advanced Imaging Approach

Magnetocardiography is the science that has enabled us to measure the magnetic fields produced by the heart. Previous applications of magnetocardiography relied on expensive magnetically shielded rooms and liquid helium cooled magnetic sensors. We are bringing 40 years of proven science into the heart of hospital workflows by improving the most limiting aspects of the technique. Our advanced imaging device makes room-sized magnetic shields and liquid helium things of the past.

Graphic illustration of the process in which CardioFlux connects seamlessly to our cloud imaging software and delivers reports to hospitals.

Cloud Imaging Software

The data collected by CardioFlux is used to generate dynamic images that visualize cardiac electromagnetic activity. These images are created by our cloud technology platform, Faraday Analytical Cloud™. Faraday integrates with a hospital’s clinical systems to allow doctors to seamlessly order scans, receive results, and generate patient reports.