Our Story

About Genetesis

 Genetesis is a medical technology company that provides biomagnetic imaging solutions. We are dedicated to providing healthcare professionals and patients with reliable and safe products that simplify patient care. We pledge to continuously improve our products by responding to customer needs and advancing the performance of our devices. Our team is excited to revolutionize the way patients with chest pain are treated, making their hospital experience faster, safer, and easier.

The Guiding Principles at Genetesis


Our vision at Genetesis is to improve patients’ health, outcomes, and quality of life. We’re making this vision come true with our products that adhere to strict standards. In doing so, we recognize that there is no room to sacrifice quality.


We keep each other accountable at Genetesis to ensure our commitments to patients, physicians, and the quality of our product. This must be ingrained in our culture to ensure we carry out our mission every day.


We at Genetesis value the experience of the patients and physicians who use our products. Their feedback helps drive our innovative process, and we strive to maintain open communication with our clinical partners. 



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