The Future of Medical Imaging

Genetesis is building biomagnetic solutions that allow physicians to detect and localize sources of abnormality in the heart to revolutionize triage in the emergency department.

The Emergency Room lacks the  necessary tools to deal with chest pain effectively. 


In the status quo, patients complaining of chest pain are subjected to countless hours of invasive testing to determine the presence of cardiac ischemia. There simply does not exist a tool that is fast or effective enough to truly determine the cause of a patient’s chest pain, which puts patients at risk and costs hospitals huge sums of money every day. 

Real Clinical Impact

CardioFlux is designed to solve several painpoints in clinical cardiology to save time, money, and lives.

Non-Invasive Technology

The Genetesis Front-End

The Genetesis front end leverages next-gen biomagnetic sensors which passively detect the heart’s natural magnetic signatures. Genetesis devices can perform quick magnetocardiographic scans on patients at virtually no operating cost and without radiation or energy emission. 

Caution: Investigational Device Use Only

Functional Electrical Imaging

The Genetesis Back-End

After a scan is taken, Genetesis CardioFlux software images the dynamic electromagnetic activity associated with the patient’s heart. This is coupled with a powerful analytical platform, driven by artificial intelligence, which can assist physicians in diagnosing coronary artery disease and planning for downstream treatment. Physicians can use this software to track conductivity in the heart over time, identify disease, and localize regions of abnormality.