Unlocking the body's hidden biomagnetic potential

8 million
Americans go to the ER for Chest Pain Every Year¹

75% of these cases are not due to heart related issues.² Despite this, assessing whether chest pain is the result of an unhealthy heart remains complex, inefficient, and expensive.  A majority of patients receive unnecessary and oftentimes invasive diagnostic testing just to rule out heart disease.  The uncomfortable triage process may take 8 -24 hours and include stress tests or blood draws before patients are discharged.  We strive to empower hospitals to change the standard of care in the ER.

Black and white image of man grabbing his chest in pain.
3D rendering of our medical device, CardioFlux.

CardioFlux MCG™

CardioFlux Magnetocardiograph (MCG) is an FDA Cleared, non-invasive biomagnetic imaging system that requires no exercise or patient exposure to radiation. Leveraging over forty years of clinical investigation, CardioFlux MCG is intended for use as a tool to measure and display the magnetic signals produced by your heart.

Faraday Analytical Cloud™

CardioFlux MCG is powered by Faraday Analytical Cloud, the software that generates images of the patient’s magnetic field. Physicians can order scans and have the results within minutes through integrating Faraday with a hospital’s clinical and administrative systems.

Icon illustrating our cloud technology named Faraday.
A multi-colored map called a magnetic field map that illustrates how current is flowing through the heart.

About Magnetocardiography (MCG)

Magnetocardiography (MCG) is a technique to measure the magnetic fields produced by electrical activity in the heart. A map of the heart’s magnetic field can be constructed by recording its magnetic signals through a multichannel sensor array placed over the chest.